A Series of 5 Virtual Workshops Designed to Take Your Photography
Business to a Whole New Level
Jeff will fast track your success by sharing the best photography business secrets
he’s learned over 30 years as a professional photographer.

remote sales

February 12th 1:00 – 3:00pm EST
“The Key to Successful Remote Sales”

Increasingly, photographers are finding it necessary to make their portrait sales without being in-person with their clients. Perhaps it’s because clients today are too busy. Or it’s impossible to get all the decision makers together. Whatever the reason, for many photographers this is new territory. The thought of loosing control of their sales environment is frightening. Yet, it will be impossible to ignore this trend in the future years. Remote Sales require a whole new approach and different skills that you may have never considered before. Have no fear — Jeff has mastered this and will explain step by step tips for successful remote sales. A live demonstration walking you through the precise steps is included.

Even though this workshop has happened, you can still purchase it. You will get immediate access to the full recording and all of the support resources provided to the live attendees.

Aution system

February 19th 1:00 – 3:00pm EST
“An Auction System To Rock Your Business”

Nearly 40% of Jeff’s annual sales comes from one marketing effort– donating to live and silent auctions. With more than a 90% success rate of converting auction winners into clients. These are astonishing statistics for any business. And could add a lot of revenue to your business! It’s all because Jeff and his team have created a fool-proof system for successful auction marketing. This system changes auction donations from being something that simply comes along to a driving force to bring in more business.

touch points

February 26th 1:00 – 3:00pm EST
“Blow Your Clients Away and Keep Them Coming Back”

Your past clients are your GREATEST asset! Do you have a proper database of your current and past clients? Are you marketing to them? Are you gaining referrals? With Jeff’s unique approach to a Touch Point System your will learn to deliver such exceptional and consistent service to your clients they will keep coming back year after year and will be eager to refer you.

perfect clients

March 12th 1:00 – 3:00pm EST
“Being Found and Attracting Your Perfect Client”

The way to have the business you want is to know what you’re best at and make sure potential client know it too! How do you do this? Jeff will walk you through a process of looking closely at your business and identifying your unique strengths. It’s what Jeff calls your Value Propositions. This understanding will result in a Tribe Identifier– exactly what your clients want to read when they realize they have found the perfect photographer for them–YOU! This is personal work and each participant’s results will be individualized. This information is critical for calling forward your perfect client when clients find their way to your website, price list and marketing materials.

feature vs benefits

March 19th 1:00 – 3:00pm EST
“Stand Out from Your Competition”

With all the clutter in the marketplace today and an overwhelming amount of competition, it is more challenging than ever to stand out. Getting your best message across is more important than ever. It often comes down to pointing out the benefits clients experience when hiring you more than anyone else. The truth is, there’s usually more than enough business to go around. The problem is an identity crisis. Potential clients don’t know why to choose you over everyone else. As the professional, it is your job to make the connection for them. The reward for doing so is yours in the form of more business!