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This eGuide and recorded interview will help you understand and serve high end clients in ways they'll really appreciate - and that will make your business thrive.

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  • avatar Pamela Einarsen Westport, CT

    "Working with Jeffrey Shaw has been a life changing experience. His superb coaching has given me the perspective and confidence to truly value my work and communicate that unique value to my clients. Since starting our coaching relationship 6 months ago, my average sale has grown by at least 25%.  I have worked with several business coaches and Jeffrey stands out in his ability to combine his extensive knowledge of the professional world and apply it to my specific business. His intuitive and supportive approach make him an effective advisor. He is truly a business coach and therapist."

  • avatar Mindy Hesslink Buffalo, NY

     "As the leader of a corporation, the act of juggling daily business issues, yet still keeping my eye on long term growth and development had become more challenging than ever. My decision to engage Jeff for one-to-one coaching has been one of the best investments I've made in many years...for myself, for the company, AND for our clients. Jeff is tremendously prepared for each coaching session. He is always using a blend of concrete teaching tools and intuitive exercises that bring tremendous value to each coaching call. As a business owner himself... he GETS IT."

  • Bernie Littlefield Winterport, ME

    "I've had a pretty successful studio for over 25 years, but always felt there was so much more potential I was missing. I needed "something" to help maximize the studio's true worth. Then I met Jeff Shaw and joined his Mastermind group. From the initial one-to-one call, I knew this was the "something" I needed. During the six months of group calls and one-to-one calls, I've learned how to take my studio to the next level. Jeff has changed my thinking of "what a terrible economy!" to "what a HUGE potential I have!". Thanks to Jeff's coaching, my studio is experiencing the most profitable year I've had since 2001! The opportunity to share experiences and ideas with an eclectic group was fantastic. We each brought our own individuality to the group, and with Jeff's guidance we truly created a "Mastermind"!

What You'll Get From the eGuide and Interview:


  1. The most important lessons I've learned throughout my 27 years serving high end clients.
  2. How to build your business for them instead of building a business and trying to appeal to them after the fact.
  3. The biggest reason many high end clients don't consider themselves 'wealthy', even though you might.
  4. How to get comfortable in their environment so you don't feel like a fish out of water.
  5. Why simplicity is key in serving a sophisticated market. You must resist any urge you have to complicate things because clutter screams low-end.
  6. And much more...

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About The Author

Jeffrey is based in Manhattan and has been the go-to  portrait photographer for an exclusive clientele for 30 years. His portraits have appeared on The Oprah Show, CBS News, in “O” Magazine, People Magazine and New York Family Magazine. Jeff applies his extensive experience as a small business owner and training as a coach to support entrepreneurs in artistic and service-based businesses with coaching services. He travels nationwide photographing his clients at destinations that are meaningful to them while also hosting inspiring public speaking events, workshops and seminars for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Jeff’s coaching practice is in support of photographers looking to improve their lives and build solid businesses through his dynamic 6-month Photography Business MasterMind program. Individual coaching is provided for entrepreneurs in various fields who are highly successful, fully committed to their business and feel like they are serving everyone around them and need someone to support them.

Jeff has built a career of uncommon success and a meaningful life on instinct rather than rules, and vision instead of circumstances. You can connect with him on facebook, twitter and his blog. You can also come meet Jeff live during his presentation at ImagingUSA 2014 or simply check out public events on his website throughout the year.

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