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7 Insights to Harness Your Creative Thinking and Diversify Your Income

  • Why conventional business thinking feels like a straitjacket to creative entrepreneurs
  • How to tap into the story that fuels your work and connects you with the audience you’re meant to serve
  • 3 Questions to clarify your vision of what you really want to achieve and the impact you’re here to make



Change Your Perspective,
Change Your Business

Six Simple Shifts That Will Change How You See Your Business AND How Your Market Responds to YOU



In Their Shoes
Understanding High End Clients and How to Serve Them

If your goal is to serve high end clients, walking in their shoes may be more important than you realize. This eGuide gives you 10 important tips to help you understand and serve high end clients in ways they’ll appreciate.



Stay Present
The Key to Successful Remote Sales for Photographers

Discover the exact tips and strategies that will help you make more sales when it’s difficult to get people into the same room for photo review and selection. If you have tried remote sales and it didn’t work well, you’ll find out how to make it work for you.